Harochi is dedicated to partnering with like-minded brands in the education and personal development sectors who share our passion for positively impacting people’s lives.

We carefully select partners who embody their values and are committed to creating exceptional products that resonate with their customers.

Collaboration is essential to our success, and therefore we actively seek out teams who share our values and commitment to excellence in all areas of our work.

Let’s take over the world together, but in a good way

What We Offer

⚔️ Undying Commitment To Your Success – think of us as your Employee of the Month (every month)


👋 A Helping Hand – we will do whatever we can to make you successful (even helping you move flats*)


🐶 Friendship – we’re not in this for the money, we are looking to deliver real value and build something incredible together


🛎️ White-Glove Marketing – senior experts assigned to every account, no matter what

What We Expect

🏗️ Growth Mindset -we want partners who are committed to their own growth and development as much as their company’s


🆙 An Upbeat Attitude – we value working with individuals with whom we could enjoy spending a six-hour road trip


🌐 Lofty Goals – we’re looking for companies that need to change the world


❤️‍🔥 Passion – your business is your baby and you would do anything (legal) to help it grow

*Offer only valid for existing clients. Must live in Berlin. Harochi’s founder must also be in town and available during requested time. 2-hour limit and redeemable once per company.