About Us

Harochi is an innovative and dynamic b2b lead generation and content marketing agency working with startups in Europe and the United States. We provide out-of-the box solutions to drive revenue in areas such as education, wellness, recruiting, and sales tech. Our pay-per-lead services offer a low overhead solution that won’t break the bank. 



We are committed to honesty, transparency, and consistency in all our actions, decisions, and communications. Our business operations are based on ethical principles and a sense of moral responsibility.


We are passionate about delivering top-quality products and services. We relentlessly pursue improvement in every process, aiming for excellence in everything we do while giving utmost importance to customer satisfaction.


We believe in taking responsibility for each action and are answerable for our decisions. We work with diligence and take ownership to deliver satisfactory results.


Intellectual Curiosity

Our environment fosters a continuous thirst for knowledge and learning. We constantly strive for growth, innovation, and efficiency by questioning the ordinary and challenging the status quo.



We understand that change is the only constant. We are flexible and agile in our approach, always ready to embrace new technologies, methodologies, and best practices to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations.


We value the power of teamwork. By working together, sharing ideas, and leveraging diverse perspectives, we achieve collective success and foster a culture of unity and robust cooperation.

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